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Pandamonium Chorus - 4th and 5th graders

Chorus is FUN!!!!
Chorus is FUN!!!!

All Fourth and Fifth Graders are invited to join chorus.  Ms McMahon. music teacher at Jackson Elementary School, believes strongly that all children should be provided with many opportunities to improve their musical skills, develop healthy vocal habits, and learn to sing to the best of their abilities.  The choir  program at Jackson Elementary School provides an opportunity for those students who have an interest in singing. 

Pandamonium Chorus performs all PTO programs as well as community events throughout the year. 


The goals of chorus are:

  1.  to learn and experience that music making can be a way of bringing joy to ourselves and others,
  2. to experience and appreciate music in a wide variety of styles, and
  3. to develop the skills and attitudes that will encourage students to sing throughout their lives.

The requirements for membership in the choir are:

  1. a commitment to the rehearsal and performance schedule,
  2. a sincere interest in learning the skills and art of choral singing,
  3. a willingness to make a positive effort as a contributing member of the choir, and 
  4. maintain good grades and follow all school policies including discipline code, 
  5. keep up with class work and turn in homework and projects in a timely manner.
  6. a commitment to wearing the chorus uniform. 
  7. a commitment to make sure that parents receive all written information from Ms. McMahon in the music room during open house or send an email.