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Panda Percussion

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Panda Dream Team Percussion Ensemble

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Jackson Elementary School is proud to offer  Panda Percussion Ensemble this year as an extracurricular activity.  The Panda Percussion Ensemble, "Panda Dream Team" will   play challenging music, and  perform in public as an ensemble and as accompaniment for Chorus.  

Students were chosen through a series of assessments done during their regular music classes.  The assessment spanned several weeks, and students were heard numerous times on different instruments and different songs.  Students also demonstrated exemplary behavior in music class and throughout school.

Panda Percussion Ensemble will practice advanced multi - part music from America, Africa and Latin America.  Students will have the opportunity to perform using body percussion, hand drums, auxiliary percussion instruments, larger drums including steel pans, djembes and others. Students will also perform using xylophones, metallaphones and glockenspiels. Participants will develop ensemble skills, and work intensively on developing comfort and skill with improvisation on percussion instruments. The Percussion Ensemble will perform a variety of songs from all the world, and perform in special events throughout the year. 

Students in Percussion Ensemble are expected to

Attend rehearsals

Show their ensemble rules- Respect yourself;Respect Others, and Respect Property as well as follow the school discipline code. 

Wear appropriate attire for performances. Appropriate attire will be black pants and PANDA DREAM TEAM shirt.