Daphne Sockwell Staff Photo



Welcome to Fourth Grade Social Studies and Science!  This is going to be an exciting year. We will learn all about the United States from the time of the Native Americans up to right after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Everything will be logged in our Interactive Notebook and we will do a lot of our assessments on Edmodo.  We are also working to become a Google Classroom. Get ready for an awesome year!

Our technology!  

Parents: I will be using the program edmodo.com extensively in my class this year.  Your student will be set up with an account.  We will also be setting ourselves up on Google Classroom. Most of the assessments we will have in class will be given through these programs. You can view the assessment and how your student did by logging in.  I have also included many resources that we will be using in class on these programs.  I send notes and alerts to the students on the site as well. For those of you with smartphones there is also an app that you can download to check out what's going on in class!  Check it out!