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Supply List 

Jackson Elementary School


TAG Supply List


New TAG Students Only

·       1-three ring binder (1 ½ -2 inch size; black in color)

·       1-package of subject dividers (at least 6)


All TAG Students*

·       #2 school pencils and notebook paper

·       1-small package of dry erase markers (student use, any color)

·       1-pencil bag (with holes that will fit inside of 3 ring binder)

·       1-small package of colored crayons

·       2-highligters (student use, any color)

·       1-package of colored pencils

·       1-package of markers

·       1-package of glue sticks


*students who have above items left from previous

school year will not need to repurchase supplies

*** extras: Ziploc bags, Kleenex, copy paper, Lysol wipes (donations)


Project-specific items, such as project boards, poster boards, etc., may be requested throughout the year as various projects are scheduled.


We will use the materials on the above list

regularly. Please help your child be as

successful as possible by collecting the

required materials above. I know that

this will be a great year if we all plan ahead.